Migration Software MacOS to Xamarin


The Customer is a Sweden-based company that specializes in file security software development. During their 10-year presence on the market, their encryption solutions got over unlimited downloads worldwide.

Beige Lorman

/ CTO – Sweden-based Company
Using Xamarin, Our developers recreated a Windows AES file security solution on MacOS for a Sweden-based company to offer their software to a wider audience.
Client Sweden-based Company


Our solution

The Customer’s existing product line uses the powerful Advanced Encryption Standard, recognized by the U.S. Government as reliable enough to protect information of Secret and Top Secret tiers.
Advancements in technology – Satisfied with the competency that Datazo Infotech demonstrated in the previous Xamarin project, the Customer chose to invest in the same vendor and the same technology. Our team used Xamarin and cross-platform XVT libraries to recreate a .NET project version on MacOS.
With their Windows desktop app already recreated on mobile (iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions) by Datazo Infotech, the Customer requested its MacOS version, so that they could offer their software to a wider audience.
Market development –Since the MacOS UI was being developed by another team and wasn’t finished until our scheduled project start, our developer had to build a MacOS application while completely in the dark of the future app’s design. Once the UI was received, we proceeded to adjusting it with the MacOS app functionality that was by now complete.


Adapting successfully to the inverted development workflow, Datazo Infotech managed to meet the deadlines and quality standards. The Customer is satisfied and now plans to enhance their mobile apps’ functionality with the help of our team.

Technologies and Tools : MacOS, Xamarin, Bouncy Castle, Mercurial, XVT


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