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Secure Messenger App Development


The Customer is a European startup offering secure communication applications for individuals and enterprises concerned about their privacy.

John F. Smith

/ Group Chief Information – European-Based Company
Witnessing Messenger’s success on the market, Datazo Infotech went to help clients create highly secure messengers. What distinguishes the app from its competitors is that it features personal encrypted cloud file storage to allow sharing files with others.


Our solution

The Customer commissioned Datazo Infotech to create a Messenger-like application that would provide users with a safe and easy way to communicate and share voice messages, photos, videos and other files.
Advancements in technology – Since the Customer did not come up with a specification, Datazo Infotech Architect developed a high-level design and defined the components to be created as well as the development tools that would best answer the project needs. A pipeline architecture was chosen as a typical design pattern for real-time systems and messengers.

To ensure secure data transmission, Datazo Infotech applied RSA – a public-key cryptosystem. The algorithm uses a public key for encrypting messages and a secret decryption key. As the latter is stored on the client side (on a mobile device, for example), nobody except the chat participants can decode the message.
The main challenge was to ensure ultimate security so that messages would not be stored on the server and no one could decrypt them.
Market development – In this software, Datazo Infotech has brought together the best-of-breed features of the world’s leading messengers like Viber and Telegram. In addition to the common image sharing, group chats and emoticons, the tool will offer public channels to allow anonymous chatting on various topics distinguished by tags. Moreover, every user will have access to a personal cloud file storage to upload and share files with others. As with messages, all files will be encrypted for better security.


The Android-native app was finished within 3 months by the efforts of 1 Architect, 2 Senior PHP Developers (backend) and 2 Android Developers (frontend) with only a Product Owner on the Customer’s side. Together with Datazo Infotech, the company is now planning to create the iOS, Windows Phone, webchat and desktop versions of the application.

Technologies and Tools : PHP, Symfony 2, phpDaemon, Nginx, Redis, Android SDK


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