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Datazo Infotech has been successfully providing support services to a US multi-business corporation for their knowledge management solution that is applied in drug discovery, medical diagnostics, and other human and environmental health areas.

Brian Norma

/ Group General Director -US Corporation
The Customer is a multinational corporation operating in human and environmental health areas, including drug discovery and biotechnology. Product software development is one of the Customer’s business directions. They also provide their clients with support services to maintain the operability of the software for analytics, diagnostics and medical imaging the Customer offers.


Our solution

The Customer lacked the resources needed to support one of their software products – a knowledge management solution. The solution includes a desktop electronic notebook, a web-based registration system and a web inventory for reagents and biologicals. This suite provides chemical industry specialists with an opportunity to manage research data.
In terms of 1+ years of successful cooperation, Datazo Infotech's specialists have been providing the Customer with a continuous support of their knowledge management solution. We troubleshoot the performance issues and implement minor enhancements upon the Customer’s request.
To cope with the issues coming from the product end users, Datazo Infotech team offers L1 and L2/L3 support service corresponding to the Bronze and Gold support levels requested by the Customer. Bronze support engineers prioritize issues based on their severity, troubleshoot minor previously documented issues immediately, or register defects in a defect tracking system for further remediation. Gold support team assists with product configuration, upgrades, and enhancements and provides the Customer with monthly reports covering the status of the Customer’s projects. Gold support team also deals with any issues emerging with highly customized product versions.
The knowledge management solution is hosted by the Customer and can vary greatly in its versions and customization level from client to client. Besides, it supports multiple integrations, e.g., with data visualization and image storing tools.
Due to the complexity of the product and a great number of users around the world, the Customer needed comprehensive 24/7 support service.
Datazo Infotech's support team is responsible for coping with requests coming from the Customer’s clients located within EU. To ensure continuous service, our specialists cooperate with the support teams working in other time zones (US, Asia).

Development and support teams from different locations constantly communicate with each other, which allows all the support team members to reach out to the developers if their comments and recommendations are needed and stay aware of the updates implemented.


As the result of ongoing long-term engagement of Datazo Infotech’s L1/L2/L3 teams, the Customer’s end user satisfaction rate was increased from 92% till 98%. The Customer gets prompt troubleshooting and updating of their knowledge management solution, as well as the product customizations upon request. According to the Datazo Infotech’s recent survey, the Customer confirms a high quality level of the support services delivered by our support team.
Technologies and Tools :
Atlassian Jira, DMS, VMWare, .NET, Microsoft IIS, Putty, WinSCP, SQL Developer, Toad, Box, MS Office, ClickOnce, GoToMeeting, Salesforce Service Cloud, OpenAir, Spotfire.

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