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Healthcare software development

Datazo InfoTech with healthcare organizations to provide senior-level developers with healthcare software development experience to deliver custom solutions for the medical industry.

Healthcare application development

Our software development company has extensive training and experience in the healthcare industry and are well-versed in HIPAA compliance and secure data solutions to meet all of our clients healthcare application development needs.

Hybrid mobile apps and web-based applications (including patient portals and CRMs)
API Integrations
Custom enterprise healthcare applications for hospital organizations
UX/UI design and prototypes for healthcare.
Healthcare Development Services

What We Can Do for You

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

We can streamline administrative, financial, and clinical operations with bespoke systems built to optimize workflows for healthcare providers.
Patient Management Systems

Patient Management Systems

We can create bespoke patient CRM systems and customer portals that improve efficiency and customer experience.
IoT-enabled App Development

IoT-enabled App Development

With Io T-enabled apps and wearable technology, we can deliver solutions with integrated clinical features to digitally manage medical conditions at home.
Cloud Based Development

Cloud Based Development

With cloud-based technologies and development, we help healthcare providers to solve their challenges by providing Microsoft Azure Cloud and DevOps Services.

Custom Healthcare software tools and services

Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR)

With Datazo InfoTech top EHR/EMR solutions, you will always be in the right position to process sensitive medical data effectively, safely, and seamlessly; provide high-quality medical services; and drive greater revenues.

We are ready to deliver:

Development of advanced and secure EHR/EMR systems
Improvement and customization of EHR/EMR systems
Integration of EHR/EMR systems with other clinical software

Mobile Healthcare Applications

Always be ready to treat your patients in full compliance with the applicable and highest standards via Mobile Healthcare Applications envisioned, designed, and developed by Andersen’s outstanding pool of IT talent. We are a leading IT vendor for the healthcare industry.

We are ready to deliver:

User-friendly mobile applications for patients
Secure and feature-rich mobile apps for doctors
Advanced mobile apps for entire medical facilities

Healthcare AI Software Solutions

Utilize and benefit from the enormous benefits that AI and ML promise to the healthcare industry and healthcare providers. With them, you can treat patients better and process health data in a more effective fashion in order to succeed in this highly competitive market.

We are ready to deliver:

Smart speech recognition software and chatbots
Reliable text and medical image recognition tools
Healthcare analytics and Augmented Intelligence

Mental Health Digital Solutions

Taking care of mentally challenged patients is an extremely sensitive aspect of medicine. With Mental Health Digital Solutions envisioned, designed, developed, and deployed by Datazo InfoTech, it will be much easier for you to help them in a humane, understanding, and effective way.

We are ready to deliver:

Mobile applications for mental health patients
Mental health-specific EHR solutions
Mental health-focused and compliant services

Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Remote Patient Monitoring Software envisioned and developed by Datazo InfoTech’s IT team will ensure that your patients will be examined, tracked, and cared for even in the most challenging medical conditions, and in full compliance with all required standards.

We are ready to deliver:

RPM software to collect and assess medical data
Reliable solutions to track medication adherence
Digital solutions for mental health

Health Information Exchange Software

Modern, effective, and data-driven approaches to healthcare make it a “must” to apply cutting-edge Health Information Exchange Software. That’s why Datazo InfoTech is the optimal vendor, as we have brought together industry-specific IT expertise.

We are ready to deliver:

Development of Health Information Exchange interfaces
Flexible repositories for HIE data aggregation
Top-notch solutions for HIE data management

Telehealth & Telemedicine

Make the healthcare business you are responsible for truly modern and highly effective by obtaining reliable and convenient-to-use TeleMedicine and TeleHealth solutions developed by Datazo InfoTech’s top-notch software development team.

We are ready to deliver:

TeleHealth app development and integration services
World-class UI/UX design for TeleMedicine solutions
Data protection, security, and support services

Medical Practice Management Software

Running your healthcare business while meeting all applicable medical standards and business goals will be much easier with Medical Practice Management Software by Datazo InfoTech. Our top developers possess deep expertise in healthcare IT solutions.

We are ready to deliver:

Patient information management software compliant with standards
Reporting, billing, and claim processing tools
Scheduling apps and feature-rich medical CRM systems

Healthcare Software Developers

Datazo InfoTech top-notch Healthcare Software Developers are known for their track record, industry-specific expertise, total compliance with all applicable professional standards, and commitment to fruitful and effective collaborations.

We are ready to deliver:

Healthcare Business Analysts with proven expertise
Experienced healthcare PMs and software developers
Healthcare UI/UX Designers, Architects, and QA engineers

Revenue Cycle Management Software

Revenue Cycle Management Software of top-notch quality, built by Datazo InfoTech’s team of expert software developers, is the best possible guarantee of your efficiency, profitability, and transparency as a modern healthcare provider.

We are ready to deliver:

Medical coding and billing software solutions
Effective claim management and eligibility verification
Revenue Cycle Management reporting and healthcare analytics

PACS & DICOM Software

Stay on top of your efficiency as a modern healthcare provider with top-notch PACS & DICOM Software developed by Datazo InfoTech’s expert IT team in accordance with your medical, professional, and business requirements. With it, you will surely reach your goals.

We are ready to deliver:

DICOM viewer development and web programming
PACS server software development and implementation
Second opinion teleradiology solutions

Health Information Management Software

Make seamless the dataflows that your healthcare provider handles by entrusting the development of a high-performing, secure, and 100% compliant Health Information System to Datazo InfoTech’s expert IT team.

We are ready to deliver:

Effective tools for paperless patient registration
Adaptable eConsent solutions for generating forms
Medical Records Management for processing patient info

Custom Assistive Technology Software Solutions

Provide your patients with the best medical services while staying cost-effective with the Custom Assistive Technology Software Solutions envisioned and built by Datazo InfoTech’s IT experts. They are always focused on excellence and optimal performance.

We are ready to deliver:

Software for assisted living and communication
Assistive tech for vision and hearing impairment
Improvements for greater website accessibility

Healthcare Data Analytics Software

Expand your business, capitalize on valuable insights, and win more loyal partners and patients by applying advanced Healthcare Data Analytics Software developed by Datazo InfoTech. It will be built specifically for your needs in your unique healthcare landscape.

We are ready to deliver:

Solutions to input and process medical data
Healthcare data extracting and cleansing
Seamless support for medical data-related issues

Health Information Security and Compliance

Healthcare is not only an extremely competitive but also closely regulated industry, with numerous guidelines that medical providers need to follow. Handling this legal and tech challenge will be much simpler with Datazo InfoTech’s expertise in Health Information Security and Compliance.

We are ready to deliver:

Thorough security audit for healthcare IT projects
Healthcare cyber security maintenance and training
Automated software audit using required testing tools

Hospital Management Software

Manage your healthcare facility effectively while retaining the highest standards of patient care by using state-of-the-art Hospital Management Software, which is envisioned and built by Datazo InfoTech’s team of IT experts.

We are ready to deliver:

Development of hospital information software
IoT real-time location systems for hospitals
Hospital CRM systems and clinical decision support tools

FemTech Digital Solutions

With the rise of technology, FemTech solutions cater to female biological needs. Taking care of this extremely sensitive aspect of medicine, custom digital solutions by Datazo InfoTech contribute to a healthier lifestyle and create new opportunities to improve the healthcare delivery for women, including:

We are ready to deliver:

Fertility and menstruation tracking apps
Pregnancy and nursing care management
General wellness and healthcare platforms

Healthcare IT Service Options Datazo InfoTech Offers

We provide the following services separately or in combination.

Healthcare IT support

L1, L2, L3 help desk for healthcare IT applications and infrastructure.
Monitoring of hospital applications (e.g., EHR, HIE), networks, and IoMT infrastructures.
Healthcare IT infrastructure administration and maintenance.
Maintaining IT infrastructure security and compliance (e.g., with HIPAA).

Managed IT services

Proactive monitoring and evolution of healthcare IT infrastructure.
Performance management, enhancement, optimization, and evolution of medical applications.
Cybersecurity and compliance testing of IT infrastructure and its components, applications (security audit, compliance testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing).
Cloud usage optimization.
IT consulting and assessment

IT consulting and assessment

Assessment of the current state of the IT environment.
Pinpointing vulnerabilities in the IT environment and unmet needs and designing tech solutions to cover them.
Feasibility study to define IT environment optimization steps, care digitization projects with optimal change costs and max beneficial outcomes.
Compliance assessment of IT environment (e.g., HIPAA and HITECH compliance assessment).

IT modernization

Healthcare applications integration (EHR, medical imaging software, practice management software, etc.).
Modernization of legacy healthcare applications (recoding, reengineering, containerization, etc.).
Consolidation of disparate healthcare organization and patient data.
Upgrading information security safeguards (e.g., network protection, application security) and HIPAA compliance (data access controls, etc.).
Cloud migration

Cloud migration

Selection of a HIPAA-compliant cloud.
Cloud migration strategy with cost-efficiency in mind.
Step-by-step migration approach: splitting applications into modules to migrate them incrementally.
Server, data warehouse, desktop migration.
Healthcare data analytics and performance management

Healthcare data analytics and performance management

Patient outcomes analytics (to identify trends in patient outcomes, adjust treatment plans, etc.).
Analytics of patient-generated health data (e.g., glucose, body temperature, weight, blood pressure).
Performance evaluation and efficiency analysis of internal processes (e.g., equipment utilization, bed allocation).
Financial management (e.g., expenses per episode, expected cash flow, outstanding payments).

How is Datazo InfoTech Different?

Datazo InfoTech brings to the table unique capabilities that help our clients overcome a variety of challenges:

Compliance with South & Central Asia, State and Foreign regulatory requirements such as HITRUST, HIPAA, FDA, CLIA, and NIST
Utilization of healthcare-specific interoperability protocols such as HL7 and FHIR
Integration with large-scale and speciality EHR platforms
Deployment of modern tools and technologies – AI/machine learning; Big Data; Cloud Engineering and Cloud Deployment; Intelligent Assistants and IoT rapidly and transparently.

Datazo InfoTech has a trained cadre of business analysts, software architects, software engineers and quality assurance professionals to effectively work with:

Acute Care clinical and administrative workflows and data stack such as ADT, laboratory results, observations, medication orders, billing
Clinical Genomics and personalized medicine data processing
Common healthcare industry standards and nomenclatures: UB, ICD, CPT, DSM, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD, RxNorm, DiagnosisRx, and radiology imaging (DICOM)
Clients of our digital health practice benefit from Datazo InfoTech’s core competencies of hiring, continuously training and long-term retaining of excellent technologists. Our key differentiating factors lie in domain knowledge, regulatory compliance and deep technical expertise in technologies underlying any successful health-related software development initiative.
When you work with Datazo InfoTech’s Digital Health Practice you have the confidence of working with the partner that does not just talk the talk. We walk the walk – from understanding what and why you are building to managing the processes and methodologies all the way to letting you sleep well at night knowing your patient data, your intellectual property and your product’s runtime are well protected.
HIPAA Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Working in the field of Digital Health presents software vendors with a number of regulatory compliance challenges. Numerous government regulations require focused efforts from all internal functions that need to be managed on an ongoing basis. A company seeking compliance status is expected to thoroughly understand and align with applicable regulations, including regional or even international. The resulting set of policies and procedures deeply affect the software development practices, and an outsourcing partner that you choose has to adhere well to your regulatory practices to avoid the risk of project’s failure or worse.

In order to work on Healthcare IT projects, Datazo InfoTech technical and professional personnel have received HIPAA compliance training. Our Business Analysts and engineers have gained strong experience in securely transmitting and housing ePHI while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations by developing modules and solutions as required by the HIPAA Technical Safeguards, especially as it pertains to secure housing and transmitting e-PHI. We are also actively exploring and working with HITRUST framework to better understand its controls and applicability to our client base.

Deploying customer-facing solutions hosted in the cloud environment, such as AWS, adds another layer of complexity to the regulatory-compliant engineering processes. In our engagements Datazo InfoTech engineers have mastered working with AWS provisions, security APIs and administrative controls, while making sure that the security and privacy of e-PHI is fully protected.

Our expertise in building secure Digital Health in the cloud environment – private, commercial and hybrid – helps Datazo InfoTech’s customers rapidly deliver high quality, compliant solutions to numerous healthcare constituencies – acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers, payers, medical practices, pharmacies, laboratories, doctors, and patients.

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Our Experienced Experts

Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services. Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.
Datazo Infotech

Our interview process


The first step in our interview process is to give you a quick call to learn more about you, and make sure you check all the requisite boxes. Find a quiet, comfortable place, make sure your phone works, and grab a pen and paper to take notes or sketch out ideas during the call.

Calls typically last 30-45 minutes. We encourage interviewees to think out loud and ask plenty of questions. After we wrap the call, we try to get back to candidates as soon as possible. The wait time should be no more than 2-3 weeks.



One of the best ways to see someone’s skills is to see them in action. For most roles, we ask candidates to complete a short challenge that shows off their critical thinking skills and strategic thinking.

This helps us gauge their real world experience as well as see how they solve problems within the context of the role. If the challenge is successfully completed, it becomes a core component of the on-site interview.



After the phone screen and challenge phases, we invite candidates to come hang out at the office and meet the team that they’d be working with. This is the “Formal Interview”, if you’d like to call it that. During this time, we’ll review and talk through the completed challenge and dig into the candidate’s previous experience.

It’s likely that there will be a second onsite interview that’s less formal. This meeting will be about meeting other Sidebenchers and learning about the candidate’s culture fit.



Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you’ll meet with Mr. M. R. Tanvir H. (Our Managing Director & CEO) and another member of our leadership team you’d likely interact with regularly once you join. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Datazo Info-Tech) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

If everyone thinks it’s a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to Join Our Global Team.


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