IT Support Services

IT Support Services

IT support comprises procedures intended to maintain failsafe IT workflows and reduce IT costs. Datazo InfoTech’s IT support services are backed with 3+ years of experience in help desk and application support and include IT help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC) and software support to guarantee superior user experience and on-the-go improvement of your IT processes.

IT Support Services

Managed IT support helps monitor, troubleshoot, support, and evolve corporate IT infrastructures. Equipped with 3+ years of experience in ITSM and 3 years in DevOps implementation, Datazo InfoTech is ready to take over the support and management of your diverse IT services.

Scope of IT Components We Tackle

Datazo InfoTech can take care of all your IT infrastructure components – from daily monitoring and management to long-term continuous optimization and evolution.

IT infrastructure and software

How We Make Our Cooperation Comfortable and Risk-Free

Flexible cooperation models

Flexible Cooperation Models

Datazo InfoTech is a full-service MSP provider – we can take care of all IT operations within your company. Also, we support co-managed cooperation and can share responsibilities with your internal IT infrastructure department or other IT services vendors.
SLA-based service delivery

SLA-Based Service Delivery

We ensure the service transparency and create trust by documenting and signing an SLA describing the services that will be delivered, the terms, and the KPIs.
Sample KPIs for some of our managed IT services
Help Desk
Application Support
24/7 availability and fast responsiveness

24/7 Availability & Fast Responsiveness

We will be on guard of your infrastructure health round the clock. Commonly, we need max 8 hours to make urgent fixes and 1 day – 2 weeks to deliver new functionality.
Smooth communication

Smooth Communication

According to your individual preferences, we agree on the best ways and frequency of our communication (tools, level of detail, timing). If your team is non-English-speaking, we are likely to provide a contact person for your language.
Knowledge transfer

Knowledge Transfer

When working in the co-managed cooperation mode, we organize the transfer of knowledge to your architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, database administrators, and security administrators.
Guaranteed quality and data security

Guaranteed Quality & Data Security

Delivering managed IT services, we rely on our quality-first approach to make sure you derive most value from cooperation with Datazo InfoTech. Your data stays safe on our side due to our certified mature information security management based on our security policies and processes, advanced technologies and skilled professionals.

What You Get with IT Support Services

We outline a sample set of IT components as it will be individual for each company’s infrastructure and IT assets.

Multi-Tier incident resolution pipeline:

L1. A user support team.
L2. A technical support team.
L3. A team of software engineers.

Detailed descriptions of the IT infrastructure and operating procedures:

SOPs for ticket resolution, change and incident management, CI/CD flows.
Network maps.
Configuration management database.
Infrastructure improvement plan.

Self-Service training materials for users:

Knowledge base articles.
User manuals.

User satisfaction and adoption improvements:

UX testing/monitoring.
Surveys and user experience studies with CSAT improvement plans based on their results.

Regulatory compliance assessments

IT environment benchmarking against PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.
Compliance gap mitigation plans.

Regular and transparent reporting:

Service level reports.
Maintenance reports.
Health check reports.
Security assessment reports.
Incident reports with root cause analysis.

Choose Your Service Option

Datazo InfoTech professionals will conduct close monitoring of your IT infrastructure or its components and set up efficient IT support workflows.

IT Help Desk

L1, L2, L3 support for enterprises, software companies and MSPs.

Introduction of efficient SOPs and ITSM processes.
Resolution of reported incidents.
User satisfaction rate management.
Knowledge base maintenance.
Regular reporting.
We offer fully managed help desk services or provide dedicated help desk teams. White-label cooperation is possible.

Network Operations Center

Preventive monitoring of IT network with L2, L3 support.

NOC setup and introduction of efficient workflows and policies.
24x7 network monitoring, health checks, incident resolution.
Regular reporting.
Managed Network Operations Center (NOC).

Application Support

L1, L2, L3 support and proactive improvement of your cloud or on-premises application, including:

Monitoring, testing, code reviews.
Configuring, hot fixes, code changes.
Cloud consumption optimization.
User satisfaction rate management.
Regular reporting.

Full IT Support

Comprehensive support of your IT infrastructure, including:

L1 help desk – resolution of user issues.
L2 help desk – resolution of technical issues that don’t require code changes.
L3 help desk – resolution of technical issues at the code level.
Network Operations Center.
Software support.
Cloud management

Cloud Management

AWS, Azure and multi-cloud infrastructure management.
Deployment of cloud infrastructures.
Applications and data migration to the cloud.
Cloud monitoring and optimization.
Managed application services

Managed Application Services

Application monitoring with a focus on critical metrics, like application availability and response time.
Application troubleshooting.
Application modernization (including application re-engineering, re-architecting, redesign).
Application evolution with continuous delivery of new features and design experiments.
Managed DevOps

Managed DevOps

Deployment of CI/CD pipeline.
Implementation of a containerization strategy (based on Kubernetes or Apache Mesos).
Implementation of test automation.
Design of an automated monitoring solution.
Managed security

Managed Security

Security audits.
Vulnerability assessment.
Penetration testing.
Compliance program planning/assessment.

How is Datazo InfoTech Different?

Datazo InfoTech brings to the table unique capabilities that help our clients overcome a variety of challenges:

Compliance with South & Central Asia, State and Foreign regulatory requirements such as HITRUST, HIPAA, FDA, CLIA, and NIST
Utilization of healthcare-specific interoperability protocols such as HL7 and FHIR
Integration with large-scale and speciality EHR platforms
Deployment of modern tools and technologies – AI/machine learning; Big Data; Cloud Engineering and Cloud Deployment; Intelligent Assistants and IoT rapidly and transparently.

Datazo InfoTech has a trained cadre of business analysts, software architects, software engineers and quality assurance professionals to effectively work with:

Acute Care clinical and administrative workflows and data stack such as ADT, laboratory results, observations, medication orders, billing
Clinical Genomics and personalized medicine data processing
Common healthcare industry standards and nomenclatures: UB, ICD, CPT, DSM, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD, RxNorm, DiagnosisRx, and radiology imaging (DICOM)
Clients of our digital health practice benefit from Datazo InfoTech’s core competencies of hiring, continuously training and long-term retaining of excellent technologists. Our key differentiating factors lie in domain knowledge, regulatory compliance and deep technical expertise in technologies underlying any successful health-related software development initiative.
When you work with Datazo InfoTech’s Digital Health Practice you have the confidence of working with the partner that does not just talk the talk. We walk the walk – from understanding what and why you are building to managing the processes and methodologies all the way to letting you sleep well at night knowing your patient data, your intellectual property and your product’s runtime are well protected.

Technologies We Work With


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Monitoring Tools

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Infrastructure Automation

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CI/CD Tools

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Back End Programming Languages

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Mobile Application

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Databases / Data Storage

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Cloud Databases, Warehouses and Storage

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Competitive Traits of ScienceSoft’s IT Support Services

Result-oriented service and transparent reporting

Feasibility Analysis of IT Support Projects

Before we take up your app or infrastructure support, we analyze TCO and ROI of supported assets and assess how far these financial estimates will be improved after we commence the support.
Result-oriented service and transparent reporting

Result-Oriented Service & Transparent Reporting

Our IT support activities and service quality are reflected in regular reports with clear metrics for strict compliance with service level objectives. We use the following KPIs:

Change requests implemented.

Change requests waiting in the backlog.

Satisfaction of key stakeholders.

User satisfaction.

Application availability.

MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery).

Result-oriented service and transparent reporting

Focus On Long-Term Collaboration

We believe that long-term IT support is mutually beneficial for a customer and a service provider, as a longer service term means fewer transition periods and integration phases for the customer and well-tailored working routines for the support team.

Our Experienced Experts

Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services. Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.
Datazo Infotech

Our interview process


The first step in our interview process is to give you a quick call to learn more about you, and make sure you check all the requisite boxes. Find a quiet, comfortable place, make sure your phone works, and grab a pen and paper to take notes or sketch out ideas during the call.

Calls typically last 30-45 minutes. We encourage interviewees to think out loud and ask plenty of questions. After we wrap the call, we try to get back to candidates as soon as possible. The wait time should be no more than 2-3 weeks.



One of the best ways to see someone’s skills is to see them in action. For most roles, we ask candidates to complete a short challenge that shows off their critical thinking skills and strategic thinking.

This helps us gauge their real world experience as well as see how they solve problems within the context of the role. If the challenge is successfully completed, it becomes a core component of the on-site interview.



After the phone screen and challenge phases, we invite candidates to come hang out at the office and meet the team that they’d be working with. This is the “Formal Interview”, if you’d like to call it that. During this time, we’ll review and talk through the completed challenge and dig into the candidate’s previous experience.

It’s likely that there will be a second onsite interview that’s less formal. This meeting will be about meeting other Sidebenchers and learning about the candidate’s culture fit.



Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you’ll meet with Mr. M. R. Tanvir H. (Our Managing Director & CEO) and another member of our leadership team you’d likely interact with regularly once you join. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Datazo Info-Tech) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

If everyone thinks it’s a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to Join Our Global Team.


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