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Satisfy any of your business needs with our services tailored to your goals, budgets, and scope: get your games built from scratch, gamify your products, ride a wave of the NFT and the Metaverse, or choose any other art, animation, and development service – we offer you a result-oriented partnership with seasoned masters of their craft.


Check out the full list of our services – each department contains top-class specialists who can see the essence of the request and perform effective results that bring direct benefits to your business.


We offer a full range of game development services for the most popular platforms using all the latest technologies, approaches, and tool-sets to implement game projects of any complexity, scale, style, and purpose.
Android Game Development
iOS Game Development
MMORPG Game Development
3D Game Development
Game Testing
Game Porting
Unity Development
Unreal Development
PC Game Development
Mobile Game Development
Hyper Casual Game Development
Gamification Services
NFT Game Development
NFT Marketplace Development
Metaverse Development
Blockchain Game Development


Our artists have experience in creating art for the world’s leading gaming companies, skillfully adapt to any technical and aesthetic requirements and create art that meets the highest international standards.
Concept Art
Casual Art
Environment Design
Character Design
Hidden Objects
Slots Games Art
2D Art
2D Characters Design
2D Environment Design
3D Art
3D Characters Design
3D Environment Design
3D Game Modeling
3D Sculpting
UI/UX Design


The Datazo InfoTech’s animation team will help bring 2D and 3D characters and environments to life for the most immersive experience for any product, be it a mobile game or a VR simulation.
2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Graphic Animation
3D Animation Game

Game Development Services

Leverage in-demand services in game development like:










AR, VR, & MR







Build An Indulging Gaming Experience

Our remote game development ideators can build your game project from the ground up or upgrade and integrate existing solutions to keep up with the hottest gaming industry trends. Datazo InfoTech’s game developers excel at full-motion animation, 2D and 3D visual animation design, and modeling and rendering animations.

Unity Platform Game App Development

Unity, the most popular game creation platform these days, is our first port of call for every game app development project. Business-minded mobile game developers leverage this platform’s real-time support for development and scalability, enabling you to make the most out of the Unity game development suite. When you hire remote mobile game developers from us, you benefit from our years of experience developing various 2D and 3D games on this platform.

Intuitive UI/UX

The game design and in-game experience can make or break a game. Our team of experts employ an iterative creative process that measures your project’s potential success in terms of creative direction. We rapidly identify current design trends that match your requirements before finalizing your project’s design and art-work. Following this is an iterative feedback loop involving environment, interface & character designs, colors, typefaces, button sizes and more which are assessed by our Design Review Committee to ensure the end-result adheres to design guidelines and resonates with audiences.

AR/VR Technology

Draw in an enthusiastic game following with AR/VR games built by experienced developers who thrive on industry-popular tools like Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, Vuforia, and Wikitude. With them, you can build fantastic AR/VR games that users experience creatively designed characters with incredible animation.
ar-vr technology-game

NFT Game Development

Harness a talented pool of seasoned game developers who deliver much more as they leverage their passion and knowledge of crypto & NFTs to build experiences that are truly unique. Whether you’re building a play-to-earn NFT game, NFT marketplace, or customizable NFT assets (character designs, attributes and abilities, weapons, etc.), your creative engineers lend their expertise & opinion to every aspect of the project.

Unreal Engine Game Development

Experience a top-notch game with that demonstrates the crispness of real-time interaction-driven gameplay that ensures life-like immersion. The secret to creating a powerful and impressive game includes almost effortlessly combining in-game physics with action-based mechanics. The results are only as good as the hands that set to work on your game.

High-level skills applied to mesh and animation editing tools, unquestionably produce sophisticated characters, vehicles, weaponry, settings/environments, maps, and more for your users to enjoy. Your full-stack team leverages Unity Engine to build games for Console (PS4/PS5, Xbox, Switch), mobile devices, and also VR, including HTC Viv and Oculus Rift.



AI & Machine Learning (Reinforcement & GAN)
Game monetization plans
Game viral factors
User adrenaline rush for higher engagement
Game marketing
Support 24x7
100% Code Guarantee
Outsource Game Dev at Fixed Price (Turnkey Basis)
We sign NDA, Non-Compete and protect client's intellectual property
Agile development @Fixed Price
Clients (Product Owners) attend daily standup
Source Control/Continuous Integration and Deployment
Access to the whole team during development
Manual Testing, Load testing and Security testing
Hire Developers/Designers/Animators on an hourly basis too
We spend a substantial amount of time and effort with due diligence in order to find the best & cost-effective solution to your game.
Code Library
Our own code repository for most complex game logic helps us reduce overall cost and time
Engagement Model
We work on both Fixed time/Fixed Price and Time & Material models. Complete transparency in billing through
Zero Risk
Our due diligence and Proof of Concept approach with every unique idea eliminate any post-engagement risks for you.
Marketing Ready
Our Business Analysts proactively account for important components required for marketing. All components to push game virality are incorporated
From day one, our Architects design code to be scalable and cloud-ready. The code and DB are highly optimized for multiplayer and turn-based games.
Device Independent
The assets we design work out of the box on all devices and we write the back-end such that all platforms use the same APIs.
Textures and Sprites
Our key understanding of the memory map of a device helps us arrange your assets in a format such that they work on minimum memory footprint.

Our Datazo InfoTech’s Development Team

Outsource Casual Games to MMORPG

Skills in various front-end and back-end technologies coupled with streamlined development methodologies that help create casual games & bring them to market within 3 months.
Our experience in networking technologies paired with excellent skills in SQL, NoSQL & Cache DB helps scale the back-end in a jiffy.
Our work with third-party tools like Firebase, Google Play Services, Facebook, Photon Network help us reduce initial deployment and development costs.
Multi-platform expertise to deliver high performance.
Expertise in building immersive games with Unreal Engine.
Seasoned programmers of Unity 3D and Unity Plugins.
Adept in Rendering Technologies (OpenGL ES, WebGL, Stage 3D).
Dev in Native 2D/3D Libraries (Away3D, Starling, Cocos2D-x, LibGDX).
Expertise in native Physics Engine like Box2D, ChipMunk, Bullet.
Experts in transcoded physics libraries for iOS, Android & Action Script 3.
Proficient in JavaScript 3D libraries like JigLibJS, Ammo.js.
Engage your users with MMORPG games.
Expertise in building P2P games.
Multi-player servers (SmartFox, ElectroServer, Red5).
Realtime communication audio, video & text chat capabilities. (XMPP, FMS, WebRTC).
Multi-User Virtual worlds and MMO communities with Isometric engines (OpenSpace-Engine).

Hire VR Games App Developers & Designers

Mobile 3D VR Game App Developers

Experts using various Libraries for optimized immersive experience mobile and console VR game

Console VR Game App Developers

Specialization in various top-end VR headset Controller gaming experience

Hire Augmented Reality Games App Developers

We have a team of experienced AR Developers well supported by our Design and Creative wing. We can create all sorts of AR for example:
iBeacon Technology AR
Barcode / QR Code based AR
Marker Baked AR
Markerless SLAM AR
Cloud Markers
Face Tracking
Motion Tracking
Kinect Development
Geo-location based AR

Simulations, AI, Game BOTS, Open AI

Our Datazo InfoTech team has a strong mathematical acumen which gives a game an edge. Our teams are capable of developing learning environments which are rich in physical complexity, provide compelling cognitive challenges, and support dynamic multi-agent interaction. We have expertise in tools like:
TensorFlow, PyTorch, Sci-kit learn, Keras
Unity ML-Agents Toolkit

Hire Rendering Experts

Our game app developers hold expertise in various shader languages. Shaders help us to create amazing effects and render complicated structures at fast speeds.
OpenGL shading language
Cg programming language
DirectX High-Level Shader Language

Game Genres | Ready Code

We have a library of our own code ready to develop the below types of games. We can achieve the fastest time to market with the lowest cost for such games.
Board Games
Shooter Games
Time Management Games
Augmented Reality Games
Virtual Reality Games
Action Games
Puzzle Game Development Services
Role-Playing Games

Our Experienced Experts

Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services. Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.
Datazo Infotech

Our interview process


The first step in our interview process is to give you a quick call to learn more about you, and make sure you check all the requisite boxes. Find a quiet, comfortable place, make sure your phone works, and grab a pen and paper to take notes or sketch out ideas during the call.

Calls typically last 30-45 minutes. We encourage interviewees to think out loud and ask plenty of questions. After we wrap the call, we try to get back to candidates as soon as possible. The wait time should be no more than 2-3 weeks.


One of the best ways to see someone’s skills is to see them in action. For most roles, we ask candidates to complete a short challenge that shows off their critical thinking skills and strategic thinking.

This helps us gauge their real world experience as well as see how they solve problems within the context of the role. If the challenge is successfully completed, it becomes a core component of the on-site interview.


After the phone screen and challenge phases, we invite candidates to come hang out at the office and meet the team that they’d be working with. This is the “Formal Interview”, if you’d like to call it that. During this time, we’ll review and talk through the completed challenge and dig into the candidate’s previous experience.

It’s likely that there will be a second onsite interview that’s less formal. This meeting will be about meeting other Sidebenchers and learning about the candidate’s culture fit.


Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you’ll meet with Mr. M. R. Tanvir H. (Our Managing Director & CEO) and another member of our leadership team you’d likely interact with regularly once you join. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Datazo Info-Tech) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

If everyone thinks it’s a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to Join Our Global Team.

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