Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Accelerate your digital transformation safely!

In the digital age, infrastructure is the backbone of a modern business, and Datazo InfoTech has all experts needed for its successful development, management, and maintenance. Whether you are interested in cloud services, infrastructure security, DevOps, IoT, or migration to SAP S4/HANA, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud infrastructure services

Datazo InfoTech’s expertise in the provision of cloud services and building cloud infrastructures covers everything from consulting to development, management, and maintenance services.
Cloud consulting

Cloud Consulting

To ensure the cost-effectiveness and high performance of your cloud applications, our specialists carefully study your business requirements to come up with a tailored infrastructure and workload plan.
Cloud solution development

Cloud Solution Development

Having deep expertise in the delivery of cloud solutions, our infrastructure architects help you to determine outcomes your future system is supposed to deliver and then apply their skills to design, build and deploy the desired solutions.
Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Datazo InfoTech professionals can help your business migrate from a legacy system to a flexible cloud infrastructure with modern computing capabilities, networking speed, and storage space, so you can spend your resources on other important strategic goals.
Cloud integration services

Cloud Integration Services

In addition to creating well-thought-out cloud infrastructures, we also help our clients establish all the needed for their successful performance integrations, whether with your proprietary solutions, other cloud services, or requested third-party providers.
Cloud infrastructure management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We put our efforts into the development of well-balanced architectures for your cloud solutions and, what’s more, can offer you DevOps services that open up space for effective orchestration, maintenance, and performance of your applications.
Cloud monitoring and maintenance

Cloud Monitoring & Maintenance

To guarantee sound performance for your cloud applications, our specialists apply their expertise in 24/7 monitoring and analytics, fixing all the issues on the go, whether it is performance, functionality, or any other cloud-related issues.


Having a good understanding of the fact that internet-connected open infrastructures are often vulnerable to lethal cyber threats, we can help you to secure and ensure your painless digital transformation.

Network visibility

Network Visibility

When planning, designing, deploying, configuring, and integrating inter-connected open infrastructures, we increase visibility across the network to provide security teams with the ability to detect, prevent, and eliminate attacks ASAP.
Hosts and endpoints security

Hosts & Endpoints Security

Datazo InfoTech experts plan, design, deploy, and manage host/OS security controls, as well as deploy file integrity monitoring solutions to secure your applications and ensure your ability to enjoy a smooth business performance.
Malware control and prevention

Malware Control & Prevention

Our teams can provide you with advanced threat protection controls which can respond to the most advanced threats and protect your business from sophisticated malware targeting sensitive data.


DevOps Services

For clients willing to shorten the systems development life cycle and enjoy continuous delivery with high software quality, we offer a range of DevOps services that combine development and IT operations in one service:
DevOps consulting
Deployment, design, and automation
Continuous delivery
Google Cloud Platform
Container orchestration
Automatization & optimization
Infrastructure monitoring and auditing
Disaster recovery
DevOps as a service
WinOps services

Tech Stack

Google Cloud Platform
DevOps as a service
New Relic, etc.


For clients using SAP ERP 6.0, which requires a lot of resources to maintain, Datazo InfoTech offers its expertise in the migration to SAP S4/HANA. Our professionals in SAP will help you to gradually rebuild the infrastructure, connect your system with new solutions for efficient corporate tasks management and update business processes — all available in the convenience of a cloud. Unlock the advantage of increased system reliability and scalability with Datazo InfoTech and enjoy new business opportunities!

IoT development services

Datazo InfoTech specialists offer their expertise in the delivery of cutting-edge IoT solutions that allow our customers to take advantage of device-generated data to achieve the greatest business outcomes.

IoT consulting


With a Research and Development team at hand, we guarantee a complete investigation of your business needs and in-depth risk assessment which, applied together with our rich expertise, result in the delivery of IoT solutions that really make a difference to your company and its performance.
Custom IoT development


Our teams create native and cross-platform IoT-driven applications that open up space for smart access and analysis of data generated by smart devices, in this way providing businesses with the ability to get a better understanding of their customer wants and needs, keep closer track of the performance, easily define weak points, and make more accurate decisions.
IoT integration services


The Datazo InfoTech expertise also covers the development of complex platforms which ensure two-way communication between IoT devices, systems, and analytics. IoT integration services we offer allow businesses to unlock improved agility, innovation, and smart decision-making based on real data.