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    A comprehensive, flexible and powerful POS not only drives your daily sales operation but also provides you with the extra edge to evaluate your business and help you to take suitable decisions. Our unique POS solution features new-age technologies ensuring sustainable growth consumer-focused businesses.

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    Custom POS for your retail company. Point of Sale is an essential solution to manage your entire business within a single platform. Our expert developers have extensive experience in Custom POS Software Development. We are dedicated to find the best POS Solution for businesses of any size and scale. Datazo Infotech top POS Software companies, like that Clover, Verifone, Ingenico, Equinox, Oracle Micros and Worldpay. We follow your unique business style and help build your brand with custom point of sale apps, POS terminals, dashboards, and more.
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    Software Development Services

    Knowing the POS software market will help you choose the right POS solution the first time that will suit your needs. If you are looking to upgrade your old POS system it will be important to revisit the POS software market again to learn if anything new has been released that will benefit you. There are a number of factors you should consider when researching, the first one being whether to go with a traditional POS or mobile POS.

    Traditional POS System: The components of this device comprise of a stationary touch-screen computer display, credit card reader, and cash drawer. Additional pieces may include printers and scanners.

    Mobile POS System (mPOS): This setup is basically a tablet configuration which is utilized both in stationary and mobile apps. It can be used with or in lieu of the traditional stationary point-of-sales systems.

    Choosing between a traditional POS or mPOS can be a tough decision but ultimately you should do what is best for your business. To help answer that question, look over these other factors that could impact your business.

    Here’s where we’re going if you want to jump ahead 6 Key Features of a POS System:

    Invoicing: Selling, Buying, Renting and Repairing.
    Inventory Management.
    Customer Orders and Suppliers Orders Management.
    Integrated Supplier Purchasing.
    Consistent and Customizable Reports.
    Multi-Store Management.

    Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development, Datazo Info-Tech is recognized for our rapid innovation, accelerated prototyping, expertise in product design and product management, and unparalleled client responsiveness. Datazo Info-Tech in an elite software development company known for their ability to accelerate time to market, increase agility, and innovate to solve complex business problems.

    CIO Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

    The award honors business leaders who deliver innovation, growth and prosperity as they build and sustain successful businesses that transform our world. Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the preeminent competitive award programs for entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies.

    Top 100 Datazo Info-Tech Software

    We are a technology solution provider offering a full set of services from custom software development to ongoing maintenance & support serving clients across all industries in the country. We are a Certified Microsoft Development Partner with a talented team of full-stack developers, SQL Server DBA’s, UI/UX designers, and project managers. We also have a team of Microsoft Office experts who implement powerful tools such as SharePoint, PowerBI, Teams, and Power Apps.

    In addition to consulting, we develop commercial software products like Innovative Mentoring Software, a full-featured CRM solution for youth mentoring organizations. Our unique blend of consulting, software maintenance, and product development experience positions our team to deliver complete technology solutions for our customers.

    Pharma Tech Outlook

    More than 1.5 years ago, our company’s namesake, LineThemes, pioneered a revolutionary sales training program for businesses of every size.

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    Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services. Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.
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    The first step in our interview process is to give you a quick call to learn more about you, and make sure you check all the requisite boxes. Find a quiet, comfortable place, make sure your phone works, and grab a pen and paper to take notes or sketch out ideas during the call.

    Calls typically last 30-45 minutes. We encourage interviewees to think out loud and ask plenty of questions. After we wrap the call, we try to get back to candidates as soon as possible. The wait time should be no more than 2-3 weeks.


    One of the best ways to see someone’s skills is to see them in action. For most roles, we ask candidates to complete a short challenge that shows off their critical thinking skills and strategic thinking.

    This helps us gauge their real world experience as well as see how they solve problems within the context of the role. If the challenge is successfully completed, it becomes a core component of the on-site interview.


    After the phone screen and challenge phases, we invite candidates to come hang out at the office and meet the team that they’d be working with. This is the “formal interview”, if you’d like to call it that. During this time, we’ll review and talk through the completed challenge and dig into the candidate’s previous experience.

    It’s likely that there will be a second onsite interview that’s less formal. This meeting will be about meeting other Sidebenchers and learning about the candidate’s culture fit.


    Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you’ll meet with Mr. M. R. Tanvir H. (Our Managing Director & CEO) and another member of our leadership team you’d likely interact with regularly once you join. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Datazo Info-Tech) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

    If everyone thinks it’s a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to Join Our Global Team.

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