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    Create an Agile Business Prepared for Any Challenges

    SAP Business Technology Platform is an open, business-oriented platform used to combine data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, process automation, and extension capabilities. With this solution, you can integrate SAP and third-party solutions, utilize your data analytics potential and extend the capabilities of your business solutions.
    Create an Agile Business

    Turn your data into business value with SAP BTP to succeed

    Challenges That SAP BTP Will Help You Overcome

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    SAP BTP Use Cases

    Enterprise resource planning

    Enterprise resource planning

    Integrating resilient SAP BTP apps with SAP S/4HANA Cloud helps companies improve their core processes and achieve smooth operations. Developing SAP S/4HANA extensions with SAP BTP and the “Keep the core clean” concept allows you to easily build and maintain highly customizable workflows and add-ons, in addition to your existing SAP S/4HANA systems.

    Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

    Develope low-code/no-code applications to extend, improve, or customize SAP S/4HANA processes with low efforts
    Implement complex and custom cloud-native and mobile apps using industry-standard technologies
    Easily incorporate third-party data integration modules
    Find hidden insights and value in non-structured enterprise data
    Scale Сloud-native apps automatically
    Access SAP S/4HANA Cloud data securely
    Human capital management

    Human capital management

    Employees have different business needs, and the tools they need differ depending on their job position, responsibilities, location, etc. With SAP BTP, you can create role-specific apps to empower, engage, and help your employees be more efficient.

    Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

    Eliminate paper-based processes
    Automate complex processes
    Streamline employee access to HR and business processes
    Improve employee experience and efficiency
    Using AI and chatbots to enhance and unify access to information across the organization
    Spend management

    Spend management

    SAP BTP provides a complete overview of all your purchase orders and invoices and delivers smooth payment processing. Now you can eliminate payment bottlenecks and improve collaboration with suppliers.

    Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

    Automate cooperation with suppliers
    Provide a single source of truth for accurate invoice processing
    Improve the visibility of spending processes
    Integrate processes with third-party tools to ensure a seamless data flow
    Supply chain management

    Supply chain management

    SAP BTP provides comprehensive data on supplier inventories and helps streamline supply chain management and deliver high-level customer service.

    Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

    Improve customer experience
    Make better supply chain decisions
    Reduce supply chain workflow troubleshooting
    Improve supply chain planning
    Customer experience

    Customer experience

    Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

    Reduce call loads, volumes, and waiting time at call centers
    Provide quick online answers to customer questions
    Connect data centers seamlessly
    Build modern and easy-to-use applications for the end customer
    Customize UI of newly built solutions at any level of complexity

    What Does SAP BTP Offer?


    Cloud capabilities running on the hyperscalers landscapes


    Solutions for application development and application extensibility


    Tools for Integration (cloud to on-premise, cloud to cloud)


    Tools for data and data management


    Analytical tools and solutions


    Artificial Intelligence services

    Datazo InfoTech Knows How to Use the Power of the Business Technology Platform to Make Informed Decisions

    As an advocate of the SAP strategy and mission, our team knows SAP BTP’s strengths and advantages for businesses. Due to our experience working with other cloud SAP solutions, we can share valuable insights on choosing the right technology before starting a project. In this case, we also take into account your specific business scenario.
    Our experience working with the platform’s components and deep knowledge of the entire SAP ecosystem lets us show you how to achieve impressive business results and turn data into business value.

    SAP BTP pillars we adopt:

    App development and automation

    SAP Application Runtimes and Environments
    SAP Custom Development and Extensions
    SAP Work Zone
    SAP Process Automation
    SAP AppGyver

    Data and analytics

    Data Storage
    Data Processing
    SAP Work Zone
    Data Integration
    Data Orchestration
    Data Warehousing
    SAP HANA Cloud
    SAP Analytics Cloud


    SAP Integration Suite
    SAP Data Intelligence
    SAP Extension Suite
    One Domain Model
    Event Mesh
    API Business Hub

    Extended planning and analysis

    SAP S/4HANA Cloud & Analytics Cloud
    SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP)
    SAP SuccessFactors and Analytics Cloud
    SAP Territory and Quota
    SAP AppGyver

    Artificial intelligence

    SAP AI Business Services
    SAP AI Core
    SAP AI Launchpad
    SAP Conversational AI

    Meet Our BTP Team

    Solution Architects & Technical Product Owners

    Solution Architects & Technical Product Owners
    Solution/product architecture design
    Architecture assessments and reviews
    Product technical approach supervision
    Product strategic thinking from a technology standpoint

    Software & DevOps Engineers

    Software & DevOps Engineers
    Software Engineers
    Back-End / Front-End
    Low-Code / No-Code
    DevOps Engineers
    Cloud setup

    Other agile Software process roles

    Other agile process roles
    Agile roles considering SAFe principles and best practices:
    PM / Scrum Masters
    Business Analysts / PO
    SAP Consultants
    QA Manual and Automation Engineers
    UI/UX Designers
    SecOps Engineers
    Support Engineers

    Why Datazo InfoTech

    Deep expertise

    Deep Expertise

    Datazo InfoTech has been working with SAP BTP and its predecessors since 2022. We adopted the new technologies and services early and permanently added them to the platformusing SAP.
    Faster implementation

    Faster Implementation

    Our experience in developing full-cycle end-to-end solutions with modern cloud and native technologies ensures high-quality implementation and adoption of SAP BTP services in a short time. Additionally, close collaboration with SAP on standard and custom development projects helps us provide solutions according to SAP's best practices in security and quality areas.
    5 successful projects in the BTP area

    3+ Successful Projects In The BTP Area

    With over 2+ years of experience in SAP solution implementation and customization, we have a deep understanding of business needs and provide the best solution to meet the needs within any industry.

    Our Experienced Experts

    Reach out to the world’s most reliable IT services. Having obtained the official & formal training in IT technology and technical fields, our staffs know more than what they show. Our service offerings to enhance customer experience throughout the product lifecycle includes – test and repair, service management, and end-to-end warranty management.
    Datazo Infotech

    Our interview process


    Calls typically last 30-45 Minutes. We encourage interviewees to think out loud and ask plenty of questions. After we wrap the call, we try to get back to candidates as soon as possible. The wait time should be no more than 2-3 Weeks.

    One of the best ways to see someone’s skills is to see them in action. For most roles, we ask candidates to complete a short challenge that shows off their critical thinking skills and strategic thinking.

    This helps us gauge their real world experience as well as see how they solve problems within the context of the role. If the challenge is successfully completed, it becomes a core component of the on-site interview.


    After the phone screen and challenge phases, we invite candidates to come hang out at the office and meet the team that they’d be working with. This is the “formal interview”, if you’d like to call it that. During this time, we’ll review and talk through the completed challenge and dig into the candidate’s previous experience.

    It’s likely that there will be a second onsite interview that’s less formal. This meeting will be about meeting other Sidebenchers and learning about the candidate’s culture fit.


    Should you continue through the hiring process to the final round of interviews, you’ll meet with Mr. M. R. Tanvir H. (Our Managing Director & CEO) and another member of our leadership team you’d likely interact with regularly once you join. These conversations allow you to get to know our leadership and ask any outstanding questions that will help you make a well-informed decision. They also enable everyone (both candidates and Datazo Info-Tech) to validate alignment on mutual expectations.

    If everyone thinks it’s a good fit, we’ll make you an offer to Join Our Global Team.

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