Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint


The Customer is EU-Based midsize financial consulting firm. The company specializes in multiple areas, including personal and business tax consulting, as well as financial planning for different domains.

Beggie Samuel

/ Project Lead – Financial Consulting Firm
Datazo Infotech provided consulting services to a EU-Based midsize financial advisory firm to ensure smooth Dynamics 365 and SharePoint implementation and integration.


Our solution

At the time the Customer turned to Datazo Infotech, they already started working on the implementation and integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and SharePoint.
Advancements in technology – To finalize Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and SharePoint implementation and integration on time, the Customer turned to Datazo Infotech's consulting services. The cooperation was based on the time and materials pricing model, as the Customer thought the initial consulting scope could change. The communication with the Customer was conducted via email and regular online meetings. With the help of Datazo Infotech's team, the Customer got :
Unfortunately, one of the key developer left the project, which resulted in the lack of the required expertise. To finalize the project and meet the deadline, the Customer was looking for a professional consultancy.
Development –
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement fully configured to match the Customer’s needs. To achieve that, Datazo Infotech's team advised on the ways to tailor the out-of-the-box functionality avoiding costly code-based customization.

SharePoint set up and integrated with the Dynamics 365 platform. As a result, the Customer was able to run document management in SharePoint and access documents from Dynamics 365.


With the help of Datazo Infotech’s consulting services, the Customer was able to obtain a fully functional and stable Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, integrated with SharePoint for facilitated document access and management.
Technologies and Tools :
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, SharePoint

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